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Exploring Computer Science is designed to introduce students to the breadth of the field of computer science through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics. Rather than focusing the entire course on learning particular software tools or programming languages, the course is designed to focus on the conceptual ideas of computing and help students understand why certain tools or languages might be utilized to solve particular problems. The goal of Exploring Computer Science is to develop in students the computational practices of algorithm development, problem solving and programming within the context of problems that are relevant to the lives of today’s students. Students will also be introduced to topics such as interface design, limits of computers, and societal and ethical issues.


The year starts with the introduction to different types of computers, its parts and what each parts do.

Students' knowledge about websites are also tested. You will be given several websites which you will analyze if it's reliable or not.

Using, an introduction to the basic concepts of Computer Science would be introduced through drag and drop. Similar website, Scratch, is also a drag and drop coding where students can create their own games or dialogues between sprites(characters). This website helps students to understand the if-else statements, coordinates of the screen, timing, and many more!

Web Design is also covered by this class. Basic HTML, CSS, and Java are the students' bestfriend for this lesson. Neocities would allow the studnets to store their HTML, CSS, Java, and/or image files for the website they are going to make. Web Design is a way for the students to express themselves and their creativity. This is what I use to make this website!

The most exciting part of this class in my opinion is the project towards the end of first semester. This lesson is also drag and drop but using legos! Students are to make a robot that will be coded to do tasks such as detecting colors and acting depending on the color detected, picking up stuff, and also winning the sumo competition!

From Scratch drag and drop codes, s2js will help you convert these codes to actual JavaScript. This knowledge will help students code on any web browser.

One of the most exciting lessons for me is the Problem Solving/Algorithms. As a lazy person, I think it's helpful for me to learn how to solve a problem on the best and fastest way to solve it.

Students are also going to make a mobile app through Thunkable. It is very similar to Scratch since it is a drag and drop, but it is for mobile phones and it offers more features which expands the limit of the students' imagination.

Data collection is also part of this class. Students are to collect several types of data by conducting a survey through Google Forms or any other sources which will they analyze and make a conclusion on what the data trend says. This is one of the most boring lessons in my opinion.

Lastly, an intro to Java Programming. The class uses Greenfoot to code (you actually type the code) and make games out of it. The final project for this lesson is the Borite game. Pretty exciting and fun project!


Mr. Borad is going to be your teacher if you are taking Exploring Computer Science Class. He is a very cool and chill teacher. He puts a lot of effort on helping students anything related to the class especially when students need help in the coding parts of the class. Just keep doing what he tells you to do and you will pass this class. He is very lenient and patient to his students, so there is no way you fail this class unless you are a lazy person and not doing any work. Here are other information about Mr. Borad.

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